Why Margaritas Are Essential For Tailgate Parties?

The origin of the margarita is Mexican and whether or not you use a Margaritaville machine or blender at your party your friends are bound to love your drinks. In a town near Guadalajara, where the main distilleries of this drink are located, the main ingredient is made from blue agave (which has nothing to do with saguaro cactus – a symbol of almost everything that comes from Mexico).

The margarita drink should be present at any party, and if you need to serve a lot of people be sure you have a high-quality Margarita machine to handle the volume.

Where Did The Name “Margarita” Come From?

There is more than one version of the origin of the drink name. Among them are:

The US Margarita Sames had a house in Acapulco, where at the time the famous Hollywood socialites spent good seasons. She was one of the great socialites of the time (1948) and received friends like Lana Turner, Fred MacMurray, Nick Hilton (hotels), John Wayne, etc.

Once the hostess was challenged to create a cocktail, she mixed with tequila and lemon juice, and even without our loved Margaritaville blender, she created something amazing that we love today. As was customary at the time to take tequila preceded by a pinch of salt, she added lemon and salt ring around the cup rim. It was a success and was named the host, Margarita!

Rita Hayworth, whose real name was Margarita Carmen Cansin in her youth, before the fame, presented in Casinos in the nightlife of Tijuana, Mexico. That was where Enrique Gutierrez name barman created the cocktail and named it in honor of the actress. Thankfully today we have a margarita machine to do the hard work for us.

In the 40s, there was a road bar in Rosarita Beach, Baja California that was Danny Herrera property. The place was frequented by Katherine Hepburn, Ava Gardner, and other celebrities. Herrera created the cocktail, a way to soften the strong taste of tequila, to win a certain Marjorie (Margarita in Spanish), King.

How Can The Margarita Machine Help You?

The Margarita is a cocktail made with tequila, salt, lemon juice, and orange liqueur (ie. Cointreau, Grand Marnier, or Triple Sec). With the help of a margarita blender, you will be able to make amazing drinks that are quick and delicious. If you are giving a party, the best thing you can do is get one Margaritaville machine and create the nicest drinks for all. You will be able to save money and make everyone love your party.  The more you enjoy the better!

The right ingredients for the perfect Margaritaville blender margarita:

Juice of 1 lime

6 oz of silver tequila (agave is best)

4 oz of orange liqueur

Add salt to the rim of the margarita glass, by wetting the edge and flipping it over the glass, and dipping it into a saucer with margarita salt. Margarita salt is a bit more coarse than your regular table salt.


Wet mouth to the cocktail glass with lemon juice, to add salt make a wheel on a plate, and touch the salt to form a border. Prepare your Margaritaville machine with tequila, orange liqueur, fresh lime juice, and a cup of ice cubes. Mix well and until frozen slush and pour into the glass.  Each pitcher will create several drinks so invite some friends over.

Get some chips and salsa ready!  Make some home-made guacamole and really impress your friends.