What Are Fireplace Inserts?

A fireplace insert is a perfect replacement option for those who would like to get the beauty of a fireplace without having to deal with stocking wood. There are different types of fireplace inserts and you should understand the different types in order to choose the right model for your needs.

Meet the fireplace replacement models called inserts that work with different energy sources and still produce heat but no smoke. In addition, they warm environments with secure feel without the traditional issues associated with wood.

Fireplaces Without Firewood: Ethanol, Natural Gas, Bottled Gas or Electricity

1. Ethanol

What is it?

An ethanol fireplace uses a glass dome that burns biofluid based on ethanol (alcohol). Most ethanol units heat an environment of up to 10 m² is placed in the right location.

How it works

Most ethanol models have a burner with a capacity for 350 ml of biofluid. Using them is simple: just fill the container and light it with a cigarette lighter included in the kit.


the quantity of fuel is usually good for two to three hours of burning, depending on venting in the environment. The biofluid includes a few chemicals in the solution that help produce a yellowish flame and make the burn longer lasting and is exclusive for use in fireplaces of the brand.

What are fireplace inserts

2. Natural Gas

Perfect for those who want something that heats up, gives style and saves energy.

What is it?

It’s a gas fireplace supplied with piped natural gas, heating an environment of up to 24 m².

How it works:

connected to an electric point and piped gas duct floor, illuminated by electric ignition, triggered by remote control. The flames heat the volcanic stones, which help spread the heat.


Approx. 350 g of gas per hour of use.

3. Bottled Gas

In the living room of the apartment or anywhere since this is a gas model that dispenses ducts to eliminate the smoke. The manufacturer advises that the environment has at least one point of ventilation to prevent a concentration of gases eliminated during burning.

What is it:

A gas fireplace that works with LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) canister and heat of an environment of up to 40 m².  Read more information on liquefied petroleum gas by clicking here

How it works:

The fireplace insert is connected to the cylinder through pipes that pass through the wall, lit by electric ignition. It comes with a safety valve that blocks the gas output in case of a breach.


Consumes approximately 400 g of gas per hour. I.e. a 13 kg cylinder has enough fuel for the fireplace to work for about 35 hours.

4. Electric fireplace insert

This is a beautiful option for those who do not want the risks of gas or anything related. This is perfect because it is clean, beautiful, reliable and high quality.

What is it:

Uses infrared technology or a standard heating coil to heat an environment of up to 9 m²; or, it may produce no heat at all (just for visual effect).

How it works:

It is linked to electricity (110 v), several models usually have an opening that releases hot air. Like other heaters, electric installation is custom or may cause a power outage or network overheating, however, Electric fireplace inserts hardly ever use too much energy.