Five Of The Best Vacuum Cleaners For Cars

Cleaning the car is never a fun task, but the right vacuum cleaner can make things a little easier. With the right suction, tools and other features, these devices can cut down cleaning time and keep cars looking good.

There are many top names in vacuum cleaners that have branched out into models for cars.  Today consumers have a choice, so comparing specifications before buying the first one you see in the store is good advice.

Below is a buying guide of 5 interesting car vacuum models for 2019 that car owners should check out!

Important considerations for choosing the best car vacuum cleaners:

There are many vacuum cleaners around that are handheld models. They could well be portable and lightweight enough to be of use in cars. However, a car vacuum can have additional features that add to the appeal.

A special upholstery and crevice tools are a big help. The same is true for adapters for the cigarette lighter. These devices need to be easy to use with a good result in all the right places.

Some may prefer the idea of a cordless model for improved maneuverability. However, the models below show that corded options are sometimes preferable.

5 of the Best Car Vacuum Cleaners for 2019:

1) Black & Decker 18V Pivot Auto DustbusterB&D auto pivot vac

Black and Decker is a name that many turn to when looking for the ideal tools for the home. Therefore, it is not a huge surprise to find that there are two models from this brand on this list. The first is the Black & Decker 18V Pivot Auto Dustbuster.

The Pivot name refers to the pivoting nose, which has different settings for maneuverability and reaches between seats. This sense of ease of use is an important part of the product’s appeal, and this gets enhanced by the fact it is now cordless with a 9-hour charge.

Others appreciate the quality of the clean, with the triple action filtration and easy dirt removal via the built-in crevice tool. It doesn’t have the best suction, despite the cyclonic technology.

Yet, it is still a handy, well-made tool with a design that is suited to cars.

2) Black & Decker Quick Clean 12V Car Vac

Black & Decker Quick Clean 12voltThe second of these Black & Decker models here is the AV1500 DustBuster 12V Auto Vac. In many ways, the two products are quite similar regarding their performance and purpose.

Again, there are plenty of helpful features that mean that the model is ideally suited for cars. This includes the 12v adapter for the motor vehicle cigarette lighter, the onboard storage for accessories and the light, compact shape.

Some people state that the pick-up is not ideal. There are reports of dust getting blown back into users faces at times. Still, it is not bad on larger particles and still receives high praise for the performance. There is also that helpful one-step dirt removal process.

With a better filter for finer particles, it might score a little better in user reviews.

3) Metro Vacuum VM6BS500 Professional 120V

There are other brands of vacuum cleaners out there promising a high-power clean with plenty of helpful features. One with many positive comments from user reviews is the Metro Vacuum VM6BS500 Professional Car Vacuum. This 120V, a 500w handheld vacuum is a high-performance option.

There are plenty of features mentioned in the specification to appeal to those in need of a reliable clean. There is the upholstery tool, crevice tool, flexible hose, shoulder strap, and disposable filter bags. This means that there are plenty of ways to clean the seats and hard-to-reach places.

The problem is that the attachments are not all that secure and hose falls off too often. The plus side is that there is pretty good suction and noticeable results when it is all in one piece.

4) Carrand 94005AS AutoSpa Bagless Auto-Vac Hand-Held Vaccum

When we come to the Carrand model, it is easy to see some patterns regarding the features offered and some of the pros and cons of these 2017 models.

Like the models above, this 94005AS AutoSpa Bagless Auto-Vac is portable and can work its way into different spaces. It has a compact design, 12-foot power cord and 40-inch hose to reach around cars.

Furthermore, that hose has a swivel elbow connector to eliminate kinks. There is also the dash brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool and on-board tool storage for a versatile clean. This is also a 550w model with 44% more airflow for good suction and results.

The problem is that it is only compatible with the attachments included and it is not the best build quality. This is where it lets users down compared to the versatile Black and Decker models.

5) Dirt Devil Extreme Power Bagless Handheld Vacuum, M0914

dirt devil hand held vacuumThe final model to consider here comes from Dirt Devil. It is the last on the list not because of poor performance, but because it is different in its approach. This Extreme Power M0914 is a cordless model with a rechargeable NiCad battery rather than a cord.

It is a 15.6v for “massive suction” with a Quick-Flip crevice tool, retractable brush strip, and extra-large dirt cup. Many users agree with the promise of great suction and great results, with some also appreciating the capacity.

However, there are some that say the battery could be better as there are problems with it holding its charge. This suggests that it may be better to go for the corded vacuum cleaners with consistent power.

Choosing The Best Car Vacuum Cleaners For The Job

It is easy to turn towards the Black and Decker models as the go-to products here. They come from a respected name and seem to tick more boxes. They are portable, versatile and well-suited to use in cars. However, the issues with the filtration and suction show that they are not perfect.

The alternative products here have their pros and cons in the build quality, suction and battery life. Still, they also have benefits in the ease of use and features offered.

It is important that all buyers compare specifications carefully to find the ideal features and tools to suit their needs. High suction and a powerful battery aren’t everything with vacuum cleaners.