The Top 3 Robotic Pool Cleaners This Year

Of all the technologies available today that can help you get a cleaner swimming pool, a robotic pool cleaner is the way to go. They are extremely energy efficient and don’t require you to add a booster pump, will not overtax your existing pool water circulation pump.

If you have a swimming pool and are struggling to keep your swimming pool clean, you must consider buying one of these types of pool cleaners.  There are different kinds of robotic pool cleaners. Choose the one that is best for your personal use and that suits the kind of pool you have.

Here are the top 3 robotic pool cleaners that have remained leaders in their category, according to our latest review of the leading reviews and retailer sites.

Hayward Tiger Shark

hayward tiger shark pool cleaner

If you are looking to buy the best of the best robotic pool cleaner, then the Hayward Tiger Shark pool cleaner is for you.

With this powerful cleaner, your swimming pool will be cleaner than ever, faster. With its intelligent scanning technology, the Hayward Tiger Shark calculates the size of your pool and then decides the most efficient route throughout the pool.

The Hayward has an onboard pump for cleaning the walls and for the stairs of the swimming pool.

The thing that makes the Hayward Tiger shark cleaner better than the rest is the fact that it has an easy to clean reinforced cartridge filter instead of the bags that the other pool cleaners use.

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Dolphin Triton Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Triton robotic pool cleaner

The Dolphin Triton Robotic pool cleaner is also one of the most proven robotic pool cleaners in the world today.  The Dolphin Triton comes with a 60 ft long cable that won’t tangles around the cleaner and causing a mess.

The Dolphin Triton is recommended for in-ground swimming pools up to 50ft in size. This cleaner also uses a cartridge filter and not the normal bags that some of the other cleaners use.

It comes with its own caddy, too, which makes it great for carrying the cleaner around.  Even better, the Dolphin Triton Pool Cleaner is lightweight and just 18.75 pounds.

Polaris 9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Polaris 9550 robotic pool cleaner

Another great cleaner for your pool is the Polaris 9550 sport Robotic cleaner.

It is also known as the 4X4 pool cleaner. It got the name of the 4X4 because the Polaris 9550 can go places where some of the other robotic pool cleaners can’t go. It has Aqua-Trax tires for cleaning any surface type of your swimming pool.

This makes this pool cleaner versatile. Another great feature that the Polaris 9950 sport has to be the ActivMotion sensor technology that makes it great to navigate the cleaner in any shape pool.

The Polaris 9550 isn’t just one of the best robotic pool cleaners, but it’s likely the best Polaris pool cleaner.

If you struggle with cleaning your swimming pool the traditional, hard way, then you need to consider buying one of these top 3 robotic pool cleaners.  The robotic pool cleaners above are made with the new technology that is available for more efficient and easier cleaning of your swimming pool.