Smart Kitchen Gadgets To Improve Your Home (Updated)

Smart kitchen appliances and gadgets are the only way forward for many modern cooks and households. If there is a device out there or only an app, that can save time and stress, we all want it.

Intelligent kitchen gadgets can range in style and function. They stretch from the large household items that we can’t do without, to the weird and wonderful things we never knew that we wanted.

The following 8 gadgets vary in size, purpose, and importance. Some have a true goal to make a household greener, healthier or more efficient. Others are just a bit of fun.

There is so much going on to revolutionize the refrigerator right now.  The refrigerator is something many of us take for granted. As long as it kept our food fresh at the right temperature, with enough space for everything, many of us were happy.

That was until we learned how much a smart fridge could do!

1. LG French Door Refrigerator

These intelligent devices can provide a whole new approach to the storage of chilled goods, in an attractive new design. This is what we get with the LG 4-Door French Door Refrigerator. The CustomChill Drawer and the considerate compartmentalization help with storage options. The InstaView Door-in-Door feature gives a different view on what is inside.

LG 4-Door French Door Refrigerator

2. Samsung Family Hub

The Samsung Family Hub 2.0, meanwhile, takes things in a slightly different direction. It has smart communications devices, as well as the standard storage and organization features.

A lot of this comes down to the app working within – smartphone connectivity being essential in these smart kitchen gadgets.

2. Groceries by MasterCard

With Groceries by MasterCard now directly integrated into Samsung’s smart refrigerator, users have a whole new shopping experience. We can see what we need to buy and use the app to add them to a shopping list. This is all very helpful for anyone that leaves the house and forgets what it was they needed from the store.

4. Smarter FridgeCam

Another way to do this is with Smarter FridgeCam. Fridge cam’s used to point at the refrigerator to catch people cheating on their diets. Now they are inside these kitchen gadgets, showing people what they need.

This visual aid is helpful because it shows how much is left. Users can make a personal judgment on whether or not to stock up that day or leave it.

Then there are the useful kitchen gadgets to help us cook the food after we have bought it.  With the food stocked up to the right amounts, and carefully stored in those smart refrigerators, users can think about their meals. The desire for healthy, home-cooked meals has its pros and cons.

On the one hand, we get good produce and a better diet for better health. On the other, these meals require much more effort and skill than opening a takeaway box. This is why we need some smart cooking equipment and culinary kitchen gadgets.


Panasonic’s Countertop Induction Oven

5. Panasonic CIO

One of the first places to look here is with a smart cooker. Panasonic’s Countertop Induction Oven (CIO) is a whole new world of cooking for some. It blends the style and convenience of a microwave with the cooking power and diversity of an oven. It is fast and convenient, with meals made in minutes, but offers baking and grilling functions too.

6. SmartyPans

Alternatively, there is the option of the SmartyPans. These clever kitchen pans have sensors for both weight and temperature to help users as they prepare meals. The integrated app offers recipes for the novice cook and step-by-step cooking instructions.

The real-time element of this function means that users can add ingredients and make a chance at precisely the right time. It takes the stress out of some healthy, complicated meals and offers a way in for cautious cooks.

7. Grundig VUX

Finally, it is also worth considering the VUX (Virtual User eXperience) system by Grundig. This system controls connected kitchen gadgets with a light projection. Currently, there are dishwashers to control this way. This could increase with time and development.

Then there are the kitchen gadgets for those that want to bring technology into the kitchen in a whole new way.  Most smart kitchen gadgets come with some higher purpose in mind or to fill an apparent gap in the market.

The smart refrigerator helps with grocery shopping and food waste in busy households.  The cooking equipment offers a way into healthy eating and easier meal preparation. Then there are those that are a little further down the wish-list, or simply more weird and wonderful.

8. WLabs Zera Food Recycler

Here is no doubt that the WLabs Zera Food Recycler has a higher purpose, as it is here to reduce landfill waste. It converts household food waste into fertilizer, which can then of use in the garden to grow new crops. It is one of the more interesting, greener smart kitchen gadgets around.

WLabs Zera Food Recycler

Then there are those that are just a bit of fun or something for the home that has everything.

9. iGulu Beer Brewing

The iGulu is an automated beer brewing machine, for when it isn’t enough to have a coffee machine in the kitchen. This is a great looking machine, as many smart kitchen devices, with some clever sensors that take the stress out of brewing.

There is also a user-friendly app that brings the skill of beer brewing to a new audience. Some in the micro-brewing, craft beer game may object, but it is a great talking point at parties.

10. 42Tea

Finally, there is the 42tea app that aims to guide users to the best possible cup of tea with personalized instructions. It sounds like an April Fool, but it is true.

Smart kitchen gadgets come in all different shapes and sizes, with growing diversity in their potential functions.

The new developments for refrigerators are exciting. They show that not only are the appliances themselves more convenient; the technology is improving.

The apps take the smart fridge to a new level and have even invited competition between manufacturers. This need for strong apps interesting new tech and conveniences is also apt for the other applications.

While some are strictly novelties for the technophile with money to burn, others, like waste disposal have a deeper purpose. Before long, we will all be kitting out our homes with various and exciting kitchen gadgets.