Robots Are Invading My Kitchen! New Intelligent Appliances Promise Convenience and Efficiency

Intelligent appliances for your kitchen have gathered a huge amount of attention at CES.  From a beer brewing machine to a cooking robot to a voice-activated oven, many intuitive concepts made their debut at the event.

We are definitely moving beyond yesteryear’s single-task marvels like automated margarita makers and automatic coffee machines to the world where our appliances do the thinking and cooking for us – even for very complex tasks.

Here are the top 6 best intelligent appliances in the kitchen space introduced at the annual CES.

Best Smart Intelligent Appliances

1. PicoBrew Zymantic

Picobrew Zymatic


A fully automatic, Wi-Fi enabled appliance that lets users brew their own beer at their homes is the dream of every beer lover. Well, the Zymantic from PicoBrew perfectly fits the description. In each batch, this machine can brew 2.5 gallons of strong beer. Users can also access PicoBrew’s database consisting of more than 100 brewing recipes. For people sensitive to gluten, the machine has special brewing recipes using millet, rice, quinoa and corn, and dry yeast. The Zymantic is very portable at a weight of just 50 lbs.

2. Penguin Organic Food Safety Checker


penguin sensor

The Organic Food Safety Checker from Penguin can instantly test food for traces of pesticides or antibiotics. It also measures the acidity, salinity and the glucose levels in any food.

Once users place a drop of liquid or a tiny piece of any food on the sensor, this gadget displays results in a few minutes. Though it comes with sophisticated technology, the Safety Checker is quite small. It can be held comfortably in one hand like a standard size smartphone. Keeping your kitchen clean and your food stored at the correct temperature is part of keeping your food safe.

3. Discovery IQ Ovens from Dacor

Discovery IQ Ovens from Dacor


The Discovery™ series of intelligent wall ovens from Dacor can actually listen and respond to what users say. They have a built-in controller running on the Android OS and powered by a 1 GHz Samsung Exonys processor coupled with a 512 MB DDR2 RAM. As for graphics, the controller has a powerful graphics processor – the PowerVR SGX 540.

It’s onboard stereo speakers, Wi-Fi connectivity, and the 7-inch LCD touch display gives the users an exciting multimedia experience. Through an app, users can control the oven from anywhere within their home premises through Wi-Fi with their Android smartphones or tablets.

Most popular dishes can be pre-programmed in the oven. All the user has to do is inserting the ingredients and the oven takes care of cooking it to perfection. This line of ovens starts at a whopping price of $4,499.

4. Chef Collection Induction Range from Samsung

Samsung brings out its sophisticated range of induction cooktops with sleek, slide-in designs. The Virtual Flame Technology focuses the heat onto the pot to quicken the cooking process. LED lights shine underneath the pans or pots to give the aesthetic feel of gas cooking. On the inside, a single oven with a volume of 5.8 cubic feet is split into two chambers for optimizing the space. The display panel has all controls for setting the cooking time and temperature. The users can simply program the recipe and leave the cooking to this device. For its futuristic design and high-end features, this machine was presented the J.D.Power Customer Satisfaction Award.

5. The Sereneti Cooki

The Cooki is actually a robotic arm that can perform kitchen chores like mixing, stirring, working over a flame. It even cooks a complete meal on its own. The user just has to arrange the ingredients in a sorted manner on special trays and slide them into the Cooki. The cooking begins when the user taps a button on a smart device. This engineering marvel proved that apart from being utilized in space stations and industries, robotic arms can also serve kitchens. This start-up from Sereneti received an overwhelming response at the CES.

6. Panasonic’s Concept Kitchen

At the CES, Panasonic got the attention it surely deserved for its kitchen concept.  What’s so new about this concept kitchen?

Well, it has cameras embedded everywhere in intelligent appliances – inside the refrigerator, dishwasher, and the oven – so that cooks can monitor all the kitchen activity on a tablet device. This kitchen concept also features self-stirring pots and smart induction stoves (like the Samsung discussed above).

The fridge is stowed under the counter to save some space, too. Also, the sink is black, not silver as in most of today’s kitchens.

We may not find this kitchen readily available for consumers in a year or two, but Panasonic offered an excellent sneak peek into the future.  The intelligent kitchen devices above prove that smart technology is making huge inroads into home cooking.