7 Remarkable Advantages Of Stick Vacuum Cleaners

When it comes to keeping our houses and offices clean, vacuum cleaners are necessary. This equipment that modern-day technology has afforded us comes in numerous designs with varying capabilities suited for a broad range of cleaning jobs.

Stick vacuum cleaners stand out from the pack due to their relatively compact size and versatility. They are specially designed to handle light work but can be accessorized appropriately to take on jobs that their bigger counterparts handle with comparative ease.

That said, it is important to delve deeper into the specific benefits you will gain once you have decided that a stick vacuum cleaner is what you need to keep your apartment or office space sparkling clean.

Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Below are 7 of the most outstanding features of vacuum cleaners that make this appliance the better option, particularly for those wishing to use it for light cleaning duties.

1. Easy To Use

In today’s world, technological innovation in appliances essentially seeks to make our lives easier. Tasks previously quite challenging, such as cleaning are made simpler and even fun to do with stick vacuum cleaners. Anyone with sufficient mobility can operate this equipment.

Their upright design coupled with height-adjustable handlebar makes cleaning a breeze for people of any body height. You don’t have to move heavy furniture around the house as you can easily slide a stick vacuum cleaner underneath them or around them and reach even the furthest corners of your apartment.

The motorized brushes included with most design types allows it to scoop up dust and other debris from your surfaces with excellent efficiency. You also have an option of an attached emptying bag that collects dust and other dirt for you to dispose of outside your house safely. The fact that stick vacuum cleaners do not have many detachable accessories also makes them much more user-friendly than their bigger more sophisticated equivalents.

2. Low Noise Emission

Most home appliances work with the not-so-pleasant consequence of producing some noise. With Vacuum cleaners, in particular, this problem is more pronounced, and it does not help matters if you have a big machine because that mostly translates into more noise.

Given that you would be doing your cleaning at the time that is most convenient for you – and that sometimes means even when your neighbors or family members are asleep – you most definitely desire equipment that doesn’t raise the roof regarding noise emission.

Stick vacuum cleaners are famous for their low decibel level sound production when being used. That means you can crank one up to its most optimal operational level without necessarily waking up your entire neighborhood or inadvertently scaring away your cat.

3. Compact Size And Weight

We all want to avoid lifting heavy equipment when engaged in our daily chores around the house or office. By their design, stick vacuum cleaners are comparatively smaller and lighter than their counterparts, thus making them much easier to operate. This feature allows even the least gifted regarding strength, such as elderly folks, to get cleaning tasks accomplished with minimal effort.

You also do not have to worry about where you can store them once you are done with the cleaning because they can easily fit into whatever spare room you have left in your apartment. If you happen to travel a lot, you can easily pack your stick vacuum cleaner and carry it to your destinations so you can use it if the need arises.


4. Affordable

The cost implication is usually the primary factor to be considered when purchasing a new home appliance. If you happen to be on a tight budget but still desire a piece of equipment that can handle most of your cleaning needs, then a stick vacuum cleaner should be on your list.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of models to choose from without breaking the bank. Take your time to shop around before settling for a particular brand bearing in mind that the appliance will be your asset for a considerable amount of time.

5. Quick Cleaning

Most cleaning is done following a sudden mishap, such as food and drink spills or an accident from a naughty pet. In such circumstances, you may not want to fire up a big vacuum cleaner to conduct a major cleaning exercise. A stick vacuum cleaner will therefore, not only be handy in cleaning up the small mess but will also spare you the inconvenience of rearranging your furniture to allow a bigger machine.

6. Versatile

While Stick Vacuum cleaners are not as potent as many other similar types of equipment, this limitation is by far compensated for by how versatile they are. Most models come with an inbuilt rechargeable battery that allows you to disconnect them from the main power socket. You can, therefore, clean your apartment without the hassle of extension power cords and even continue in case there is a power blackout.

The ability to detach from the mains connection also means that you can move from one room to another and extend your reach to spaces that do not have power sockets. You can even detach some models of stick vacuum cleaners into handheld devices that enable them to be used to clean couches and vertical surfaces.

7. Low Maintenance Requirements

Most home appliances with multiple moving parts require expert repair to keep them in perfect working condition. Such maintenance may require occasional visits to repair shops, and that, of course, means spending some amount of money.

You will rarely require additional regular checks for as long as you own a stick vacuum cleaner since it is designed with simplicity in mind. Once you acquire one, all you need to do is to go through the included user manual and be sure not to exceed the stipulated operational limits.

As long as you store and operate it according to the specifications outlined, you are assured of reliable service during the equipment’s lifespan. It is also important to take note of the warranty details that your equipment has to understand warranty terms and conditions and what to do whenever you have a problem.