Best Rated Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaners

The best way to keep your home clean is by buying a vacuum cleaner. One of the best places where you can get a vacuum cleaner is online. However, with the many brands of vacuum cleaners on the market, choosing the best device can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, Dyson is a household brand that rarely disappoints. The company has earned popularity as an innovator and designer of the transparent bin bagless cleaners using cyclonic technology. The strong suction of Dyson vacuum cleaners enables them to remove pet hair from all corners of your house. The feature and price of Dyson vacuum cleaners make them worth buying.

What Makes Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Unique?

Dyson vacuum


Dyson Vacuum cleaners come with certain features that you will not find on other brands. Some of the unique features include:

• All vacuum cleaners manufactured by Dyson use cyclonic technology. This technology helps in reducing clogging of their main filters. In addition, Dyson vacuum cleaners are bagless and have a higher suction power when compared to the other brands.

• Dyson applies polycarbonate plastic to create its vacuum cleaners.

• The Ball technology used on the vacuum makes it easy to maneuver them around different obstacles as you continue with the process of cleaning your home

• All vacuum cleaners designed by Dyson come with easy to empty dust bins that you can empty from the bottom, straight into your trashcan without applying much effort

• Most of the upright and canister vacuum cleaners from Dyson feature HEPA filters for controlling dust, allergens as well as dirt from spreading in the air within your house

• Almost all Dyson vacuum cleaners come with a 5-year warranty and technical support from the manufacturer

Credit: Joe Dunlavy

Best Rated Upright Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson Cinetic big ball animal allergy upright vacuum

The vacuum cleaner has a tangle-free turbine tool that allows you to remove hair from your carpets and upholstery. The telescope reach wand makes the device a perfect choice for cleaning your stairs. You will not struggle to maneuver the vacuum cleaner, thanks to the ball technology used in designing it. In addition, the device uses Cinetic technology that helps to eliminate the need for frequent pre-filtering

Credit: Dyson

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal 2 upright vacuum

The gadget has a whole lifetime HEPA filter that makes it efficient for cleaning. With the Cinetic technology used in designing the cleaner, there is no need to think about a prefilter. The telescope reach want makes cleaning your stairs as easy as an evening walk at the park. The Dyson engineered combination tool cleans the crevices with ease.

Dyson Ball Multi-floor upright vacuum

The easy to maneuver vacuum cleaner comes with a cord measuring 30 ft for cleaning around your house. The package included a stair/ crevice tool for proper cleaning. With the HEPA filter that accompanies the cleaner, cleaning your carpets and rugs will not be a difficult thing anymore.

Dyson Ball Animal  compact upright vacuum

The Dyson vacuum cleaner has washable lifetime filters for perfect cleaning. The tangle-free turbine tool helps in removing hair from your upholstery and carpets. The quick bin allows for no-touch emptying thereby saving the effort used for the same. The self-adjusting cleaner has the ability to optimize its height thus enabling it to clean different areas as fast as possible.

Credit: Dyson

Important Terminology

Root cyclone– The technology applies a powerful centrifugal force to separate dust particles from the air in your house. The cylinder machines from Dyson feature three stages of cyclonic separation, with each of them engineered to capture tiny particles.
HEPA filters– A good number of vacuum cleaners from Dyson come with HEPA filters. These filters are the perfect choice for anyone allergic to dust. The HEPA filters help in removing the tiny particles of dust, dirt, and pet hair to prevent you from breathing in dangerous substances.
Cordless vacuum– The cordless vacuum comes with more suction power when compared to the other brands.
Pet hair removal– Vacuum cleaners from Dyson have a strong suction that makes them ideal when it comes to removing pet hair. These vacuum cleaners can remove pet hair from rugs as well as carpets, thanks to the air or electric-driven brush heads.
Gallon bin– The large the size of the bin that accompanies the vacuum cleaners, the lesser times you have to empty them when cleaning. Dyson vacuum cleaners have gallon bins that minimize the number of times required to empty them when cleaning your house.
Extra Toolkit– The new models include an extra toolkit as well as a tool bag for combating pet hair, dirt, and dirt.
Mini Turbine tool– The Mini turbine tool allows you to vacuum car seats, upholstery, and any other area that needs cleaning without any hassle.
Radial Root cyclone– The latest technology involves the flow of air to maximize the suction of the vacuum cleaner. Through refinement, the device can remove more pet hair, allergens as well as dust from different areas in your house.
Dyson Cinetic science– The Dyson Cinetic technology applies special rubber tips to create the end of each cyclone. The cyclone has the ability to make 5000 oscillations in a second while filtering out any fine dust particles and eliminating the filter. In other words, Dyson vacuums do not require cleaning of filters or replacement of the same. This implies that you will not have issues to do with clogging once you buy any of the vacuum cleaners from Dyson.

Differences Between Dyson DC65 & Animal 2

The two vacuum cleaners have identical bodies. The major differences that you will note between the two models are the color and accessories that accompany each of them.

Both DC65 and Animal 2 have the tangle-free mini turbine tool as well as a soft dusting brush. The DC65 also features a multi-angle tool that allows you to clean high areas in your house.

All the tools come with a tool bag and a stiff bristle brush.

The DC65 Multi-floor vacuum cleaner has basic accessories such as a crevice/ brush tool plus the upholstery/ stair tool that makes cleaning different areas within your house easy.

All in all only you know what happens in your household and what accumulates on the floors. The amount of foot traffic, the number of people living in residence, whether you have children or all adults, and the number of pets can change what sort of vacuum you need to buy to keep your house nice and tidy.