The Pros and Cons of a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Today, thousands are choosing to look at a robotic pool cleaner to help clean their swimming pool cleaning tasks but aren’t really sure what to look for. It can be difficult to know what cleaner to choose from and for many, they think it’s best to use a professional cleaner. However, what are the pros and cons of using a robotic pool cleaner?

How Does A Robotic Pool Cleaner Work?

The robotic cleaner will submerge itself under the water and with its wheels, will skim its way along the bottom of the pool. The device also has the ability to climb the walls to clean the sides of the pool as well as use its suction function to suck up any further dirt missed on the first go-around.

All of the latest technology is used to help ensure the pool cleaning is successful. The robotic cleaner device cleans the pool underwater and uses its built-in container tank to keep all dirt safely there without spilling over. The latest technology has ensured the cleaners are so effective.


Robotic Pool Cleaners


1. Cleaners Run On Remote Controls

These robotic cleaners are remote controlled which means the owner has the power to clean the areas that are hard to reach. You can guide the robotic pool cleaner to the areas that really need more work and get those areas scrubbed thoroughly. Since these are fully remote-controlled, it gives everyone the chance to use them however and whenever necessary. Compare this to a regular Polaris water jet cleaner and it randomly goes around the pool.  You cannot control where a Polaris goes.

2. Easy To Clean

The robotic pool cleaner does make cleaning a pool much simpler. This is a big factor because before cleaning the pool was not easy and sometimes excess dirt was left.  However using the device, it can pick up all dirt and target the areas which tend to become grimy. This is why more and more people love these robotic pool cleaners and they are fantastic to help keep the maintenance side simple. These units are even easy to keep clean too.

3. No Noise and No Excess Cash Lost

In most cases, the pool cleaner is going to run smoothly and very quietly also. This is important because that’s the whole point of these cleaners; people don’t want to be disturbed by these. The cleaners are extremely quiet when they operate and they will pay for themselves with the amount of money being saved each month too.

4. The Price Can Be High

One of the biggest cons with these robotic pool cleaners has to be the fact that they run up a hefty bill. To buy one of these outright, it can cost anything from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Now, a decent model will be a few hundred at least and one of the top-end models may run well into the thousands of dollar range. This can be a big issue with these cleaners.

5. Not the Best Value for Small Pools

Big pools are going to need the robotic pool cleaners but for some of the smaller pools, they might not come in use. The intended purpose of these cleaners is for pools that take a long time to clean, rather than the smaller pools which take a little time. It can still be good choice but it doesn’t offer the same amount of value as it does with larger pools.

Make the Right Choice

It can be very easy to say this is not for you without knowing what the cleaner does first. Knowing a few of the pros and cons of the cleaning device will help everyone make an informed and hopefully a correct decision. Robotic pool cleaners can be excellent but they need to work for you too, so think carefully before buying.