Kitchen Aid Blenders Are Your Ultimate Friends

Kitchen Aid Blenders Are Your Ultimate Friends

When buying blenders, it is so easy to pick cheaper, low-quality blenders. After all, there’s not much difference between most blenders based on appearance alone. That’s because most blenders are made to the same low standard, which means you have to replace them every few years.

When it comes to the Kitchen Aid 5-Speed blender, however, there is a big difference in quality, functionality, and efficiency.

Kitchen Aid blenders are known to be powerful; in fact, Kitchen Aid claims that in the market, their blenders are the top-rated. For many Kitchen Aid users, that is not hard to believe. This Kitchen Aid 5 Speed blender, in particular, has a 0.9 horsepower motor that can puree food efficiently and squarely. That is a powerful motor for a blender! (more…)

Troubleshooting Tips for Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaners

robotic pool cleaners

Pool owners share a lot of likes and dislikes. They all like to swim in a private pool whenever they want. They like to enjoy the fresh, safe, warm water in a relaxing atmosphere. What pool owners do not like is finding a pool full of dirt, scum, and leaves!

Pool maintenance is one of the main complaints of pool ownership. Regular maintenance and cleaning are vital to keeping the water quality bacteria-free and have clear sparkling pool water. Automatic robotic pool cleaners are the best option for an efficient, hands-free approach.

Many pool owners have bought a model of some kind to help out with the daily or weekly cleaning of the bottom of the pool.  Automatic robotic pool cleaners are here to make life easier because you don’t have to get into the pool to clean it. They roam the length of the pool surface, picking up debris and scrubbing and sucking away until the pool bottom is spotless. (more…)

Three New Drinks For Your Margaritaville Blender


The Margaritaville blender, or the margarita maker, is a frozen drink maker that can make a lot of different frozen drinks. You don’t always have to use tequila, either. The creamy smooth ice these awesome frozen drink machines produce makes great piña coladas, too.

Here are three frozen creamy-style drinks we just tried and loved. Feel free to play with the recipes and make them your own version.   Add some Jimmy Buffett music and let the tropical feelings carry you away.  It is always 5 o’clock somewhere.  Bottoms up and cheers!


5 Best Robotic “In Ground” Pool Cleaners

children playing in the pool

Robotic Pool Cleaners For Your Swimming Pool

Don’t you hate the buildup of dirt and algae in your inground swimming pool? How about the other debris like leaves, grass cuttings, or small twigs? Isn’t it disgusting to look at all that grime? It can be safe to say it can quickly make the pool appear dirty and unappealing.

Robotic in-ground pool cleaners are something that can help save not just hours of work but also a whole lot of money.  Even though you’ll have to spend a good amount of money upfront to get a pool cleaner, owners mostly agree that the investment put in is worth every penny.

Some of the key differences among low and mid-range robotic pool cleaners as well as more luxurious ones consist of stronger pressure, swivel cables that won’t get twisted, and a system of the cartridge that is easily available and also easy to clean.


Best New Cleaning Products For The Kitchen

Look at these products to help you clean your home.

The spring season is fast approaching and that only means one thing: time for spring cleaning!  In order to get the best results in your spring cleaning, you’ll need to purchase the best kitchen cleaning products for your household.  Here are a variety of cleaning products, some are environmentally friendly or organic.

Below are some of the top-rated new kitchen cleaning products that are made with safe, non-toxic ingredients. (more…)

Buying Robotic Pool Cleaners Online – 3 Very Important Reasons Why

lady relaxing in her pool because she bought pool cleaners online

You may wonder why we write an article on robotic pool cleaners for this blog. Well, it’s because we just purchased an Aquabot for my home pool and I love it.

Robots are invading our homes in many forms, and the pool is part of our home. In this post, I briefly explain how these cool things work and why you might want to consider one for yourself.

Well, first and foremost, it is to save time.  I rather spend time floating in the pool than scrubbing the pool.


A More Intelligent Way to Clean Your Home (Updated)

Infinuvo Clean Mate QQ-3

Unlike the toyish first-generation models released a few years back, robotic vacuum cleaners today are highly-engineered and are feature-rich home appliances.

Much like their counterparts in the water, robotic pool cleaners, robotic home vacuum cleaners epitomize the benefits that Artificial Intelligence(AI) can make when applied to basic home chores.

The combination of advanced navigation features and unique cleaning capabilities are giving homeowners plenty of reasons to throw out their old manual vacuums and switch to this new category of home appliance. These new robotic vacuum cleaners also take up a lot less storage space.

The traditional vacuum cleaner – even Dyson – may be an endangered species, soon?


Eco-Friendly Electric Fireplaces: How Do They Stack Up?

electric fireplaces

With eco-friendly the popular word on everyone’s lips currently, you may be wondering if a fireplace inserts, or in fact your whole electric fireplace, ranks well on the eco-scale. There’s no doubt you can’t deny the allure of a warm fire for winters nights and chilly autumn days. Flames draw the viewer in and help create a warm ambiance that is difficult to beat.

Below, we answer all the questions you could have. (more…)

The Top 3 Robotic Pool Cleaners This Year

Swimming Pool Care Maintenance

Of all the technologies available today that can help you get a cleaner swimming pool, a robotic pool cleaner is the way to go. They are extremely energy efficient and don’t require you to add a booster pump, will not overtax your existing pool water circulation pump.

If you have a swimming pool and are struggling to keep your swimming pool clean, you must consider buying one of these types of pool cleaners.  There are different kinds of robotic pool cleaners. Choose the one that is best for your personal use and that suits the kind of pool you have.

Here are the top 3 robotic pool cleaners that have remained leaders in their category, according to our latest review of the leading reviews and retailer sites. (more…)

Robots Are Invading My Kitchen! New Intelligent Appliances Promise Convenience and Efficiency

Picobrew Zymatic

Intelligent appliances for your kitchen have gathered a huge amount of attention at CES.  From a beer brewing machine to a cooking robot to a voice-activated oven, many intuitive concepts made their debut at the event.

We are definitely moving beyond yesteryear’s single-task marvels like automated margarita makers and automatic coffee machines to the world where our appliances do the thinking and cooking for us – even for very complex tasks.

Here are the top 6 best intelligent appliances in the kitchen space introduced at the annual CES.


Electric Fireplaces Add Ambiance, Save Energy, and Lower Cost

Electric Fireplaces

Whenever we observe the American lifestyle there is a tradition of having a fireplace in the home. This is a tradition of the American houses. Then there also electric fireplace inserts that are very beautiful and attractive. Even the fireplace inserts can reduce the cost and even the cost of maintenance.

We are going to explain all the benefits of an electric fireplace in detail to you.


Gas Fireplace vs Electric Fireplace: How To Choose?

Beautiful fireplace inserts will help to make your family home with an old fireplace look and feel more updated. Whenever you see a lovely fireplace, you feel the warmth and makes one feel happy, but it can be hard to know what type of fireplace to have in your home. Choosing a fireplace that uses gas and electric are both very popular but which offers the best choice?

Well, to be honest, it all depends on what type of atmosphere you want to add into the family home and if you have a source for the gas. (more…)

A Review of iRobot’s Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaner

If there is one task that most of us do not like doing, it is vacuuming the house. Moving from one room to another while pushing a vacuum cleaner is not an exciting task.

This applies in particular when you could be doing more fun things such as, hanging out with friends or watching a movie.  Luckily, the vacuum cleaner industry is growing and evolving at a tremendous rate so you can keep your house clean.

One example of just how fast and developed the vacuum industry is becoming are the robotic vacuum cleaners that are quickly becoming commonplace on the market. One company that has been particularly active in designing and producing robotic vacuum cleaners is iRobot.

Here is a comprehensive review of one of iRobot’s vacuum cleaners, the Wi-Fi-enabled Roomba 980.


7 Remarkable Advantages Of Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Stick Vacuum Cleaners

When it comes to keeping our houses and offices clean, vacuum cleaners are necessary. This equipment that modern-day technology has afforded us comes in numerous designs with varying capabilities suited for a broad range of cleaning jobs.

Stick vacuum cleaners stand out from the pack due to their relatively compact size and versatility. They are specially designed to handle light work but can be accessorized appropriately to take on jobs that their bigger counterparts handle with comparative ease.

That said, it is important to delve deeper into the specific benefits you will gain once you have decided that a stick vacuum cleaner is what you need to keep your apartment or office space sparkling clean.


How to Buy Electric Fireplace Inserts That Look Real

Electric Fireplace Inserts

When you want an electric fireplace to let cozy environments feel and look even nicer you definitely get it when you buy an electric fireplace insert. It is possible to place it anywhere, even in front of a lush garden. Thus the type of fireplace opens the way for those who want heat while not having to deal with smoke or anything of the kind.

You can also install in the center of the opening available in your living room. It is possible to buy kits that are composed of refractory bricks (bought to make your living room even more beautiful).

Another option mounted away with wood and stuffed with concrete-mass for the texture of laths to be printed. There are some many different options to be able to admire. (more…)

What Are Fireplace Inserts?

Fireplace inserts

A fireplace insert is a perfect replacement option for those who would like to get the beauty of a fireplace without having to deal with stocking wood. There are different types of fireplace inserts and you should understand the different types in order to choose the right model for your needs.

Meet the fireplace replacement models called inserts that work with different energy sources and still produce heat but no smoke. In addition, they warm environments with secure feel without the traditional issues associated with wood. (more…)

3 Pros and Cons of Infrared Fireplace Inserts

3 Pros and Cons of Infrared Fireplace Inserts

The fireplace and mantle are the absolute focal point of the house. There is no doubt that a fireplace is a great decoration for any room.  But the smoke and fuel can make having one a real hassle.  Well, today we have something called fireplace inserts that look exactly like a normal fireplace but works with efficient energy and does not make the house smell like smoke.

Learn about the pros and cons of one of the oldest sources of heat with a technological twist. (more…)

Perfect Design Guide To A Smart And Clean Kitchen

Kitchen Design guide

A kitchen is by far one of the most important areas in any house. It is the activities in this space that can lead to comfort and happiness in the rest of the house. This is the area or part of a room where people prepare meals and may hang out if you have an open concept floorplan. We have several tips listed below in our kitchen design guide to help you plan.

Kitchens have evolved through the ages from the old open place cooking areas to more specific rooms. From firewood potteries through iron, copper, and bronze pots on coal to modern steel on ovens, the change is evident.  The invention of the cooking range and equipment like stoves, ovens, and spit roasters led to such evolution.

Careful planning and design need to be put in place when creating the kitchen area. The position of the main equipment in the kitchen determines the ease of working there. It is also imperative to understand the following parts of a kitchen. (more…)

Meal Planning For Seniors With Diabetes

Meal planning for seniors

This article is intended to help diabetic senior citizens and their caregivers to help make positive choices when it comes to managing their diabetes through diet and meal planning.

Diabetes is a disease where the body does not function properly in metabolizing glucose. This could leave an individual with either very high or very low blood glucose levels and that can lead to a variety of dangerous medical repercussions.

Since there are two different types of diabetes ( type 1 and 2), and diabetic needs will vary from patient to patient. Therefore,  it is a great idea to set up a time to meet with a registered dietitian to make a plan that will ensure the diabetic patient is getting the right nutritional intake each day appropriate for his or her age and weight. (more…)

Best Kitchen Appliances & Gadgets

Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen is one of the most important places in every home as it is often used for a wide range of purposes. The kitchen is also used throughout the day and day-to-day activities, like cooking or cleaning. The kitchen appliances should be energy-efficient, affordable, durable, space-efficient, as well as have a beautiful appearance that enhances its use and make eating a pleasant experience.

The following are some of the great kitchen appliances and cool gadgets that are very simple, yet highly useful to have in the kitchen space of your home.  (more…)