New Year – Time To Focus On Your Personal Growth

More and more people are beginning to understand that there doesn’t have to be anything wrong with you to continue your personal growth throughout your life. Long gone are the times when reading a ‘self-help book’ was seen as sad, and you’d hide it from the public by keeping it to yourself.

But, most people still expect the personal development journey to be smooth and somewhat respectable. You will sit on your designer couch and read a book or a personal development blog or listen to a wonderful podcast in the comfort of your vehicle. All very civilized!

You may attend the Anthony Robbins seminar or attend the Festival Of Doers in January. That’s the type of thing most people do!

Personal Development Is Linear

If you simply put in the work, read the right books, and do your affirmations, you will keep moving ahead and grow into a better you. You feel you can control your development, it is planned, and there will be no risks. Sounds great as it will keep you safe.

If you intend to become the woman you want to be, the woman you already are, if your purpose is to align with your soul’s most profound goal and discover your heart.

  • How can you expect to get there in a ‘clean’ and civilized manner?
  • Do you even think you can come without falling on your face and hurting yourself on the way?
  • Can you recommend you can ‘grow’ into the “new you” from the comfort of your sofa?

We are not suggesting you should not do all those glorious things that expand your thinking and increase your consciousness.  If you are aiming for real growth, you must give up the illusion of being in control.

Imagine a tree that grows outside an old house. At some time, it will break through the walls because it is its natural path. It is its true direction, its own purpose. But the owner of the home and the tree don’t want to let go of the old structure it has constructed, so she cuts the tree rather than let it ruin the home. What would the neighbors say?

    • But growth isn’t neat.
    • Growth often seems arbitrary. It goes in bursts.
    • Growth happens suddenly. It takes you in unimaginable directions.
    • Growth will break through walls if you allow it.
    • It will break through obstacles and might damage the structures around you.
    • Growth will change things indefinitely. It’ll take you to embarrassing situations. 
    • Growing is crazy. Growth is scary.

The growth’s uncontrollable character and perceived permanent damage prevent many people from embracing real personal development. So they escape back to personal improvement. The development has meant abandoning excellent business projects or jobs and making good deals to fall through, which didn’t serve my route path any longer.

Growth Sometimes Feels Messy And Sometimes Painful

Often when you are in a profound growth period of your life, you may have an idea what’s happening. It is only afterward once you understand why you need to make some decisions and how much you can grow.

Growth is all about walking through the unknown. It is about making change call your unlived parts, and that can feel scary.

As your awareness expands, the lead time between your subconscious mind and intelligent mind gets shorter. And this is a fantastic thing! You have to learn how your ego is still adhering to things and trying to maintain structures and the patterns distracting you from your truth.

So you have to accept that you cannot realize the truth and find profound spiritual and psychological well-being if you do not let go of control occasionally. Growth is not neat and linear.

Personal development looks different for each woman because we are all in very different stages and areas in our lives, but below, you’ll find a few things that will help you develop as a woman.

Spend Time With Other Women

In the most insecure and deepest parts of yourself, you may tend to feel diminished by other women, and it isn’t until college that you realize all that you are missing out on.

Start investing time in female friendships and get yourself involved in a wonderful tribe of women whom you admire and respect, who always inspires you and challenges you to be the best version of yourself. Despite several long-distance residing, do your best to stay in touch and get to catch up, as no time has passed. 

Allow yourself some space and time to spend valuable friendships with other ladies. You might not have a dozen local women that we get to take pictures with for Instagram, but it does not mean that you can’t have a tribe! All you want is a couple of ladies who get you who are willing to listen and always push us towards our best. (Bonus, you will find an opportunity to be the same kind of support back!)

Take Ballroom

This may seem crazy for some of you ladies, but hear me out. Suppose you have spent a lot of young adult life trying to blend in, to hide, to stay out of the focus of attention.

So, try something that you are interested in and that you feel embodied all that you weren’t, all that you couldn’t be—and you went for it. You’ll be surprised how hard it has been to put yourself in a position that feels so vulnerable, but it will be a growing experience.

For you, perhaps it’s not ballroom dancing. Maybe it’s joining a yoga class, writing a blog, or rock climbing. It could be just anything! Find something that interests you and looks out of reach and go for it!

Take Time For Books

If you love to sit and read, but you have less time to sit and read a book. These days, it is harder and harder to find a moment for it these days. For the rest of you women in the same boat, we suggest that you check out Audible. It’s excellent for listening to while you are cleaning, driving to work, unwinding at the beach, etc.

There’s a monthly fee of $15 for the app after your free trial expired, but you may get one free credit for any audiobook every month, with the choice to buy more. Most books cost $15-$20, so it’s a great investment from our prospect.

Listen To Podcasts

Similar to listening to audible to receive your book fix, if you’re looking for smaller pieces to dedicate to (consider TV episodes versus a whole movie), there are forever podcasts. Whether you’re looking for entertainment, educational content, sermons, or something inspiring. Overall, podcasts can be streamed or downloaded to your phone. 

Go Travel

It’s a fact that wherever you go, there you are. You won’t magically grow into a different person overnight by changing places, but it’s hard to remain unchanged when you’re opened to new places.

With every place you visit, whether it is a new coffee shop in town or a new continent completely, you will meet new people, try new foods, hear new sounds and music, and see something you haven’t seen before. Traveling new places involves feeling things differently–laying the basis of possibility to develop a new outlook.


This is an easy and excellent way that will help you develop as a woman. There are so many wonderful companies currently working towards any causes it is possible to consider. Dedicating time to work towards a common goal and to give back to others can create a feeling of balance and purpose in our hectic schedules.

Even further, it’s an opportunity for us to gain perspective and compassion towards other people who could be in a different period of life or who might think differently. It is a discipline to think of others and to put them first, and one that we all should frequently practice.

We believe that occasionally we make personal growth this unattainable and distant thing when often all we have to do is intentionally get the most out of our occasions. Certainly, getting a cooking class feels more effort than listening to a podcast, but they both take the same amount of persistence.

We either live with purpose or survive by default. Living a grit and elegance life means working with intention at all opportunities.