Kitchen Aid Blenders Are Your Ultimate Friends

When buying blenders, it is so easy to pick cheaper, low-quality blenders. After all, there’s not much difference between most blenders based on appearance alone. That’s because most blenders are made to the same low standard, which means you have to replace them every few years.

When it comes to the Kitchen Aid 5-Speed blender, however, there is a big difference in quality, functionality, and efficiency.

Kitchen Aid blenders are known to be powerful; in fact, Kitchen Aid claims that in the market, their blenders are the top-rated. For many Kitchen Aid users, that is not hard to believe. This Kitchen Aid 5 Speed blender, in particular, has a 0.9 horsepower motor that can puree food efficiently and squarely. That is a powerful motor for a blender!

The beautiful thing about this blender is that the motor starts slowly initially which eliminates any splatters. The motor then adjusts to the hardness or softness of the food, sustaining reliable speed to avoid too much exertion of the motor. As a result, the food is pureed quickly to the uniformity that you desire before the motor heats up the food that you are blending, which is a common issue with other mediocre blender brands. Read more information on common issues of blender by clicking here

Kitchen Aid Blenders Are Your Ultimate Friends

The best way to test a blender’s power, however, is through ice crushing. How does your blender stack when crushing ice? The Kitchen Aid 5 Speed blender does the job with ease. It has no trouble pulverizing the ice. Compared to other types of blenders, this model ranks highly when it comes to ice crushing.

Although glass jars are much preferred by many people who love blending because of the glass jar’s stain-free quality, Kitchen Aid’s sturdy polycarbonate jar does the trick even better. It’s stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and most of all, it’s lightweight, which makes blending a breeze even when it’s at full capacity. Kitchen Aid’s polycarbonate jar can hold up to 56 ounces. That’s a lot; in fact, some people might think it’s too much for their needs but some of them just might be relieved when the next margarita party comes along.

This powerful blender is packed with elegant features and efficient design components. The jar’s one-piece construction will generally mean that you won’t have to disassemble the base in order to clean it. In addition, the lid can also function as a two-ounce measure.

At a price ranging from $100 to $120, this food processor is certainly not cheap. One can be almost sure, however, that it is a good investment for future parties that will require heavy-duty blending.