How to Cut Your Home Cleaning Time in Half

There are many tricks you can use to reduce the total time used to clean your house. When the house involved is large, people usually tend to take more time to do it that could have been used to do other productive activities.

It is a good idea to understand the cleaning procedure, have all the required cleaning equipment and plan in advance so as not to waste any single minute.

In fact, many people hire professionals to do home cleaning just because they fear to take too long to complete the cleaning. It is all about how you start it, how you progress and whether you have the required tools and products.

Do you have problems wasting a lot of time when you ate cleaning your home? Below is a guide on how to cut your home cleaning time in half:

1. Have A Constant Cleaning Procedure

This is important when you want to save on time. It is advisable to have a regular cleaning process which involves knowing all the required tools, where to start and finish.

Most of the people tend to waste a lot of time looking for the cleaning equipment. You can spend some time for the first instance, but once you know all you need, have to buy or rent them in advance every time you want to clean your home.

Begin from a particular point in your home where once cleaned; you will not step on it while cleaning other parts of the house. This gives you a chance to clean once thus saving time.

Cut Your Home Cleaning Time in Half

2. Start Cleaning From Top To Bottom

Can you imagine a situation where you clean the bottom floor of your home then realize that there is some dust in the blinds and the roof?

In the process of removing the dust from the hanging blinds, you will make the floor dirty again! To save on your productive time, start cleaning from the top of your house then the bottom parts. This gives you a chance to clean once, and you save a lot of time instead of repeating.

It is also advisable to start from left to right so as to stop the aspect of cleaning one point, and then jump to another point. This is a waste of time.

3. Have All The Required Cleaning Tools Ready

If you want to save a lot of time, you should assemble all the required home cleaning tools. Many people know how to clean properly, but they waste a lot of time looking for other tools.

You should have the right cleaning products, scrubbing tools, and rinsing tools. This prevents breaks to look for other tools once you have started. If you assemble the right tools before starting the cleaning process, you will be able to save a lot of time and effort. It is quite important to plan in advance and assemble all the tools.

4. Dust Without Spraying

There are some places such as the blinds, reading tables and other areas where they may not need spraying.

It is a fact that if you add water to these locations and they have dust, it will be like generating mud. You can imagine the time you will take to clean once you spray it. You will be required to spray it with a lot of continuous running water to eliminate the dust.

It is advisable to buy a feather brush and use to sprinkle the parts to clean them thoroughly. This gives you a chance to remove all the dust without necessarily applying water. This saves a lot of time.

5. Try As Much As Possible To Eliminate Bathroom Molds

Once they are there in your bathroom, you may take the whole day trying to clean the bathroom or any other moist place. It is, therefore, advisable to eliminate their existence, and you will get an easy cleaning procedure. This gives you a chance to take the shortest time possible, and clean the whole house thoroughly.

You will not waste time battling with grown molds in the bathroom and the kitchen. Researchers have revealed that most of the people who take a lot of time cleaning the house are those who leave it to be foul before they clean.

Regular cleaning and elimination of molds and fungus can help you reduce the total cleaning time by more than half.

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6. Use A Proper Method To Get Rid Of Mineral Deposits

In case some deposits of minerals have stained your plumbing fixtures, you should not brush them with pads or bristle brushes. This is because they can scratch the faucets and will take a lot of time to eliminate them.

The best method is to use the white vinegar. You just pour some on a clean cloth and wipe it on the surface of the fixture. This ensures the removal of all the metal deposits within the shortest time possible.

If you go the other way, you may take the whole day trying to remove the deposits which you may not even achieve.

7. Do Not Wait Until The Whole House Is Dirty

Your home cleaning should be a continuous process so as to save time and effort. If you leave it for long without cleaning, you will use a lot of effort and time once you decide to do an overhaul cleaning exercise.

To avoid this, you can be cleaning on a regular basis even if it appears clean. Besides, you can clean some sections on a daily basis and once you decide to clean the whole house, you will use the shortest time possible.

Those are the main techniques you can use, and you will be able to reduce the total time to clean your home by more than half. This gives you time to do other productive activities. Therefore, apply them, and you will save not only your time but also costs and effort.