Why Are Modern Fireplace Inserts So Nice?

Electric fireplace inserts are now a modern alternative that is more practical and efficient than traditional fireplaces.

As you make changes to your living room, bedroom, or even a kitchen can benefit from a fireplace, consider using a designer to help you out with all the details.  A designer can think about the whole overall look and feel of a room and may bring up points you never thought about.

Traditional fireplaces have wooden mantles that need to be installed and you need a functioning clean chimney.  The chimney needs to be cleaned and maintained throughout the years.  There could be build-up inside the chimney which can cause a house fire.

Another issue to watch for is as the house settles potential cracks can form in the brick chimney, so fumes could enter parts of the house structure while burning wooden logs.  Consider purchasing a new electric fireplace insert and eliminate any risks and save chimney cleaning expenses.

Advantages Of An Electric Fireplace Insert

Electric fireplaces are electric heaters that replace the traditional fireplaces that are wood-burning or run on gas.

By installing an electric fireplace insert you can convert an old fireplace into a new updated efficient source of heat in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen.  But heating is not its only benefit there is also the relaxing visual pleasure of artificial flames they produce.

gas fireplace insert

Reasons to convert to an electric fireplace insert:

  1. – Enjoy the feeling of a fireplace, without the hassle of buying wooden logs, cleaning the ashes afterward, fewer carbons going into the air, or dealing with the fireplace smells.  The whole experience is just an easier way to deal with a fireplace.
  2. – The heating is more efficient since the heat produced does not leak through the chimney, which is the case with wood-burning fireplaces. Electric fireplaces convert 100% of their energy into light and heat.
  3. – You can install an electric fireplace in almost any part of the house without safety concerns. The inserts are sold in various ways, so you can buy a whole kit or just the insert.
  4. – A fireplace insert is so easy to install, may be purchased and installed without the presence of a skilled professional, and are also considered portable, easy to transport.
  5. – Another advantage of electric fireplaces is related to the ease of access to the power supply. Through any electrical connection, it is possible to apply the heating process of the fireplace.
  6. – Since the fireplace insert can run on a regular electrical outlet, it is also very simple to control the level of the heat produced. If you need to read more after this you can visit this site.
  7. -The risk of burning oneself is lower because you are no longer required to move logs around or add wooden logs into the fireplace.  However, we do want to caution anyone trying to touch the glass of the electric fireplace.  Overall it appears that electric fireplaces are safer.
  8. – The electric fireplace inserts have a variety of ways of mimicking the look and feel of real flames and some even include the sound of crackling. The eye has something to visually entertain itself.  Imagine holding a cup of your favorite drink and relaxing in front of the warm flames.

Disadvantages To Purchasing An Electric Fireplace

  1. -The initial purchase price may the biggest one and cause people to pause a moment.  The start-up cost is probably more but in the long run, you save on buying wood and chimney cleaning and repair costs.  Also, wooden fireplaces draw a lot of the heat up the chimney, so there is waste energy involved.  An electric fireplace will be a cheaper option, compared with a wood-burning fireplace, but you need to look at the overall long-term picture.
  2. -A single electric fireplace will not heat the entire house, only add some warmth to the room it is located.
  3. electric fireplace

Comparing Electric vs Gas Fireplaces

  1. – For any gas fireplace, you need to have a gas line installed inside your house.  Easy to do when building a new house, however much harder if you are remodeling and just updating an existing house.
  2. -Gas fireplaces do need to be vented, unlike electric fireplaces.
  3. -Electric fireplace inserts may have a higher operational cost compared to a gas fireplace.
  4. – In the case of power supply failure, the electric fireplace will stop working, unless you have a backup generator. Usually, during big storms the gas lines are functional and a gas stove, gas water heaters, and gas fireplaces will continue to function.

Are you ready for your electric fireplace insert?