Best Electrical Appliances for Modern Kitchen

Technology has taken over and played a pivotal role in our lives. Kitchens have become modern, and long-gone are the days when the kitchen served as a chamber distant from the house used to prepare and store food.

Kitchens now serve not only as chambers where food is prepared but also as dining, and it can be used as an office.

Having a luxurious, cozy home is not all. How modern and efficient is your kitchen? Below are must have electrical appliances for your kitchen to be up to date.

1. Refrigerator

Most important of modern electrical appliances is the refrigerator, commonly known as the fridge.

It is an appliance that is used to store food under low temperature, keeping them fresh and safe for long. It contains a heat pump that transfers heat inside the fridge to the outside so that the temperature on the inside is cooler than that of the room.

Refrigerators are of different sizes, small medium or large, so you can purchase according to the size that suits you best, or one that perfectly fits your kitchen space.

modern refrigerator

The refrigerator allows your modern kitchen store food for longer, making it possible to buy more edible items.


  1. It reduces food spoilage. The low temperature kills enzymes that would otherwise destroy food as well as inhibits bacteria reproduction rate.
  2. Freezing- The low temperatures make it a freezer, and you can now make that ice cream you always buy.
  3. Spacious- As the sizes vary, the large fridge is in a position to hold more, and you can now have an organized kitchen with lots of foods you don’t have to worry about going bad.
  4. Cheap- the price and service offered are incomparable.

Factors To Consider When Shopping

  1. Your kitchen space, what size will suit your kitchen?
  2. How many family members are there? The number of people in the house determines the size of food be stored
  3. Which layout do you prefer?
  4. Choose a finish that matches that of your house.

 2. Dishwasher

They have graduated from the luxurious list to the must-have of the electrical appliances category. They are efficient and quiet. Facts show that the use of a dishwasher saves up to 230 hours.


  1. Saves time and water- you no longer have to stay at the sink cleaning and rinsing dishes that could be tedious especially during the function.
  2. It is more hygienic as the dishes undergo several cycles of cleaning with hot water which is impossible to do with the hands.
  3. Chances of broken dishes during washing are little or none at all since there is minimal handling of the dishes
  4. Produces clean dishes free of clutter

dishwasher loaded full of dishes

Factors To Consider During Purchase

  1. Size of the dishwasher; if your kitchen is spacious, you could buy the 24 inches, if your kitchen is small the 18 inches will do just right
  2. How to quiet is the dishwasher, some are quieter than others.
  3. Does it conserve energy? Various models of dishwashers vary in the energy levels they conserve.
  4. It is important to know if the dishwasher comes with a warrant.

3. Microwaves

Serving as cookers and food warmers at the same time, modern microwaves have become the love of many in the kitchen. All you have to do is get food from the fridge, get it into the microwave and you have a prepared meal.


  1. Fast cooking- Its cooking is faster as compared to that of gas or electric stovetop.
  2. Food cooked by the microwave retains its nutrition since it uses medium heat that preserves the nutrients as opposed to other methods for example gas that subject the food to heat.
  3. Cold room temperature. The microwave does not result in excess heat in the room after cooking.
  4. It’s much safer since it does not have the fire, and they have safety systems installed.
  5. Easy to clean since food spilled does not cause permanent stains, occasional wiping of the microwave interior is all you need.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Microwave

  1. Look for mandatory essential features for example defrost.
  2. Its size and wattage- The wattage determines the rate of cooking.
  3. In the model, you choose, be sure to know the life span and after how often you need to replace it.

4. Blender


They are used for mixing, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Blenders could be the most fun electrical appliances. Think about all the tropical drinks one can make with them too.


  1. Immersion blenders- They can be put into any container be it a pot or a bowl. They take up very less space
  2. Smoothie maker– as attractive as they may appear to be they have a higher wattage and are designed to make blending and to serve easier. They come in different models, and it is worth noting that each model has its user guide.
  3. Pastry blender- Suitable to blend biscuits, pie crusts and many other pastries. They make it easy for using your hand tends to be tedious, time-consuming and the results will not be as perfect.


  1. It can be used with other attachments.
  2. Hands- free, it does not need you to keep monitoring it. You are then free to do other chores as the blender is at work.
  3. There is less spillage since its mixing is even and the ingredients to be blended are put in a container.
  4. It is durable.

Factors To Consider While Buying A Blender

  1. The type of mixer you need, guided by what you want to blend.
  2. The blender’s wattage
  3. Controls available to control your blender, does it have a control for speed?
  4. What is the material used to make the blender jar. Glass jar is fragile but easy to clean. The plastic jar cannot break but can absorb stains after multiple uses. Stainless steel is lighter than glass and makes cleaning easy, but it is not transparent.
  5. How often do you intend on using it? If you have to use it often, then consider purchasing the best quality, which will, of course, be expensive.
  6. People you intend to serve. This will influence your choice of the blender jar size.

5. Coffee Maker

A coffee machine is used to brew coffee by adding water and coffee grinds to this electrical appliances. There are a variety of machines from single-serve cups to a 12-cup carafe. There are also the espresso machines that have become very popular for that special cup of cappuccino or a small strong espresso.


  1. Easy to clean
  2. Makes good quality coffee
  3. It makes brewing faster since it has a faster output.

coffee machine

Factors to consider during the purchase

  1. Type of the coffee maker
  2. Capacity, according to the intended number of users
  3. Convenience should be user-friendly
  4. Maintenance cost