Eco-Friendly Electric Fireplaces: How Do They Stack Up?

With eco-friendly the popular word on everyone’s lips currently, you may be wondering if a fireplace inserts, or in fact your whole electric fireplace, ranks well on the eco-scale. There’s no doubt you can’t deny the allure of a warm fire for winters nights and chilly autumn days. Flames draw the viewer in and help create a warm ambiance that is difficult to beat.

Below, we answer all the questions you could have.

Are Electric Fireplace Inserts Environmentally Safe?

The traditional wooden log fireplace is, however, is not only a little bit of a pain when it comes to maintenance, but also one of the least eco-friendly alternatives out there. The good news is, electric fireplace inserts stack up well in comparison.

What Makes Fireplace Inserts an Eco-friendly Choice?

There is no gas emission when using an electric fireplace insert, so there is no pollution and no risk of release of toxic fumes. No matter how clean-burning, a traditional fireplace will still release carbon monoxide, where the electric fireplace doesn’t.

Air filters, fitted in most electric fireplaces, actually generally improve the air quality of the air moving through them. The fact that the electric fireplace doesn’t need a flue helps too.

This avoids ambient heat loss, and most retrofitted electric fireplaces can actually be added to the space of the old fireplace, leaving you able to block the chimney- and avoid snow, birds and other messes related to it- and settle down with far less hassle. Check here for additional information about clean heating.

Do Electric Fireplaces Provide Heat?

Electric fireplaces also are efficient heat sources. As not one single percent of the heat energy of the electric power is lost to the atmosphere, it compares better than with traditional stoves- which can lose up to 50% of their heat.

If you’re looking to keep your electric fireplace insert particularly eco-friendly, be sure to install a thermostat to allow for better temperature control. Remember that localized heat sources or zone heating, can provide very decent square footage of heating, and in many cases can help you avoid using costly central heating.

The fact they run on electricity means you can also stop heat production- and electricity wastage- immediately by flipping the switch. There is also a great power-saving option that allows for flame-only effect, leaving you free to enjoy the pretty effect without heat being produced.

Are Electric Fireplaces Easy to Install?

Yes, it is fairly simple to use an electric fireplace insert over the traditional fireplace, in a custom-built surround or left portable and easy to move. They can be used as efficient space heaters for the outdoors, and some are even battery powered.

These particular battery options offer a great source of both light and heat during power outages too and are safe to use even in rooms with poor ventilation as they don’t produce smoke or fumes. They are one of the safest options you could pick for winter heating. Many come with overrides if tipped and can even have a ‘stay cool’ surface to prevent touch burns.

Overall, electric fireplace inserts are a more efficient, safer and more eco-friendly alternative to traditional fireplaces and other heating methods. Let your family enjoy the beauty and warmth of an electric fireplace.