Best New Cleaning Products For The Kitchen

The spring season is fast approaching and that only means one thing: time for spring cleaning!  In order to get the best results in your spring cleaning, you’ll need to purchase the best kitchen cleaning products for your household.  Here are a variety of cleaning products, some are environmentally friendly or organic.

Below are some of the top-rated new kitchen cleaning products that are made with safe, non-toxic ingredients.

1.Green Shield Organic Multi-Surface Cleaner

Greenshield organic multi-surface cleanerMost kitchen cleaners are manufactured using toxic chemicals that pose a danger to our loved ones and pets. This is why more people today prefer to use organic kitchen cleaners like this one, as they are safe for both humans and the environment at large. Even though it’s organic, Green Shield Organic kitchen cleaner is quite capable of removing dirt and grease using the fruit acids and vinegar components it uses.


This cleaner is fully organic and for people who mind about the rights of animals then this is just the product for them as it is never tested on animals.

This cleaner easily cleans your kitchen without requiring lots of scrubbing. It also does not cause any form of streaks, as it does not contain ammonia which is a drying agent. It’s safe to use in your kitchen as well as around your food, as it is completely safe.

2. Method ANTIBAC Antibacterial Kitchen CleanerMethod antibacterial kitchen cleaner


The Method kitchen cleaner is great as it has a great scent and is antibacterial despite it not being toxic. Its scent is a mixture of orange peel and a herb most likely thyme making it smell great.

It contains thymol, which is thyme oil basically, which is responsible for killing the fungus and bacteria that might be in your kitchen. It comes in various scents as people have different preferences when it comes to scents.

3. LYSOL Professional All Purpose Cleaner plus Bleach

Lysol bleach cleanerWhile either disinfecting or cleaning your kitchen, using Lysol Professional All Purpose cleaner makes the whole exercise a breeze. Not only does this powerful multi-purpose cleaner remove mildew, cut through soap scum and kill germs but also whitens the surfaces it cleans due to the bleaching power it possesses.

It cleans the everyday dirt and also removes the toughest of stains from the surface, thus giving you the option of a quality and powerful cleaner to always rely on. It is able to eliminate 99.9% of all the bacteria and viruses present in your kitchen.

It can be used to clean floors, sinks, ceramic tiles, and countertops found in your kitchen effectively. It is able to eliminate a number of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. You can also apply it on kitchen surfaces to disinfect them.

4. Zum Clean Granite & Countertop Cleaner

If your kitchen has granite or any other type of countertop surface, then this is one of the great home cleaning products to use on your kitchen surfaces. It provides a safe clean and disinfects your kitchen countertop surfaces well.

Zum Clean is a biodegradable product that comes in recyclable packaging thus making it environmentally friendly. It is made from ingredients that are non-toxic and it is not tested on any animal.

This cleaner does not leave any streaks or spots on the kitchen surfaces. It comes in various fragrances like lavender, orange-bergamot, and eucalyptus-citrus.

ZUM is also great in cleaning sink fixtures, cleaning mirrors, and a host of other stuff found in your kitchen. It can be really useful when it comes to spiffing up the kitchen as a whole. The rich frankincense and myrrh scent is deep and rich giving your kitchen that unique smell.

5. BuggyLOVE Organic Multi-Surface Kitchen Cleaner BuggyLove cleaners

You can use this awesome surface cleaner to keep your kitchen cleaner and fresh.  BUGGYLOVE spray is organic, fresh, crisp, and can be used on different kitchen surfaces.

It effectively and safely removes grime, dirt, and grease from granite countertops, appliances made from stainless steel, and porcelain sinks. This spray needs to be sprayed directly on the dirty surface and then wiped thoroughly using a cloth preferably a microfiber.

All the above top-rated home cleaning products are worth looking at when shopping for the coming spring cleaning season. They are among the best new products out this year.

They will leave your kitchen looking spick-and-span while keeping your home safe, as they are all made with non-toxic ingredients.