Buying Guide For The Best Range Hood

People who enjoy cooking and those who spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen know that if they utilize top burners or cooktops on their ovens, there will be a lot of steam, heat, and food aromas.

This is why it is important that they have a right range hood over their units as it prevents grease, moisture, smoke, smells, and heat from permeating through their kitchen or even their home as a whole.

Choosing the best range hood is a time-consuming task, and that is why this comprehensive guide will give you a helping hand.

Benefits Of A Good Range Hood

When homeowners select the best range hoods, there are several benefits that they stand to enjoy such as:

  1. The hood helps to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen.
  2. The range hood provides extra lighting to the cooking space a homeowner has in the kitchen, and this helps with food preparation safety.
  3. Decreasing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning as they contribute to ventilate the kitchen.
  4. The hood helps in cooling off kitchens as well as in the removal of particles and smoke that might cloud the kitchen from time to time.
  5. New homeowners expect to have one in today’s houses, so it may help to increase the property value.


Buying Guide Range Hood

Research and Shopping Tips

The following is a comprehensive buying guide for finding the best range hoods:

1. Measure Size Of Stove Area

People who want to purchase range hoods should select the right size that facilitates efficiency.  This means that they should go for one that is as wide as their cooktop or range. This is because it will offer smoke and heat protection for their kitchen cabinetry.

Therefore, it is advisable that they first measure their cooking surface before selecting the size of the range hood.

2. Lighting Build Into Range Hood

Lighting for range hoods is important. This is because they add to the already existing overhead lights in the kitchen.

People should, therefore, select range hoods that have adequate lighting because they block the main light when they stand right in front of their cooking range.

Furthermore, they should choose range hoods that are fitted with halogen lights as these will provide them with better illumination compared to those with LED or incandescent lights.

3. Enough Power

The cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating of a range hood is important because it implies that it can move air which in turn translates to its higher performance.

A person who wants to get the most out of their range hood should, therefore, buy one with sufficient power i.e. higher CFM.

4. Recirculating Or Ducted Vent

Ducted range hoods are considered to be better than recirculating ones because they suck out odors and excess heat from an individual’s kitchen and send it to the vent outside.

5. Exterior Finish

Range hoods should be easy to clean, and that is why it is advisable that people select the ones that lack crevices and nooks so that they do not experience the buildup of grease and dirt.

They should go for fixed ones with smooth undersides that are a lot easier to clean than the retractable type.

Benefits Of A Good Range Hood

6. Filters

Each and every range hood in the market has a filter. Individuals should select the ones that are made of aluminum mesh material since they will be cheaper for them to buy and also clean.

7. Controls

People should buy range hoods that have push-button or sliding controls as they will provide them with an easy time of reaching and operating them.

8. Noise

Noise levels are an important consideration that people should have when selecting the best range hoods in the market. This is especially for those who have their kitchen/living and dining rooms with open floorplan. This because they should be able to hold a conversation comfortably, while the range hood is on.

9. One-Way Flap

It is highly advisable that individuals buy ducted range hoods with a one-way flap fitted inside it. This is because it will keep hot air inside their homes during winter or keep cool air inside their homes during the summer season.

Alternatively, they can buy the one-way flaps as extras if it is not inbuilt in the range hood.


Buying the best range hoods is important because they help in managing culinary disasters; they take the heat out of fats and steam to allow chefs to peer into pans and pots among many other reasons safely.  The above buying guide is well detailed and should, therefore, suffice especially for those who love cooking and need to invest in one.