4 Tips for choosing the best Margarita blender

Margarita blenders or margarita machines are getting more popular by the day, it can be hard to choose the right blender for your personal use.  There are dozens of blenders that you could use for making frozen drinks and smoothies.

How do you decide which blender to buy?

First Check Comparison Sites

Do some research and find the place where you can find the best price for a good quality blender.  A good place to start is the handful of fan/comparison sites that review blenders. For example, BestMargaritaMachines.com does a great job comparing Margaritaville brand blenders against a handful of other brands.


Power Rating

The higher the power of the Margarita blender, the better the blender will work and the finer it will make the fruits that you want to blend.

The best wattage for the blender is 500 watts or more. Don’t settle for a blender that is lower than that. Then you will not have the right texture that you want for your smoothie or frozen drink.

Before you buy your blender, make sure on the package that your blender is stronger than 500 watts if you want a good quality blender.


There are many different types of Margarita blenders. You must know before you go shopping for your blender the amount that you want to spend.

You must remember that you mustn’t buy the cheapest blender on the market.  You will get what you paid for.

It is also best not to buy the blender in the first place you see.  It isn’t always best to buy the cheapest blender on the market.

The more expensive blenders will have better quality and will probably last the longest. Also, these make great gifts during the holidays or birthdays and you want your gift to last.

How To select a margarita blender

Pitchers And Jars

Margarita blenders have a wide variety of pitchers or jars to choose from. There is the plastic jar or the glass jar. There are pros and cons for both the plastic and glass jar.

The plastic jar won’t break that easily when you accidentally let it fall to the ground. But, with plastic that gets scratched easily, you will have more bacteria between the scratches.

The glass jar will break in little pieces when you accidentally let it fall to the ground. However, then the glass jar won’t scratch easily and you will not have any trouble with the bacteria in between the scratches.

Must be easy to clean

Who wants to have a Margarita blender that isn’t easy to clean?  No one likes to be in the kitchen the whole day, just cleaning.

So, before you are buying the blender that you wanting to have, you must make sure that it will clean easily. If the blender is hard to clean, you will not use it as much as what you normally would have if the blender was cleaning easy.

Having a blender for making smoothies and other frozen drinks can be lots of fun.  Especially if you are having a party at your house.

But, there is something’s that you must consider before buying any type of blender. There are many different types of Margarita blenders, and you can choose the perfect one for your personal needs.