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DIY Key Holder & Chalkboard-Lost Keys No More!!!

Chalkboard Key Holder 1

We have a problem in our family, mostly with my husband. But sometimes with me. And sometimes, we blame it on the kids. Or the dog we don’t have…

I’m talking about losing our keys. Good heavens, it’s an ever evolving problem. Sometimes they’re in my coat pocket. Others, in my one of my many purse pockets, on the bottom of the purse, or under my son’s bed. What is it with kids and keys anyway?

My husband was notorious for losing his. Every morning, it was a scramble. Finally, he got a big lanyard to put them on but it wasn’t enough! He still loses them.

So, I decided to find a way to keep our keys close to the door, easy to find, out of reach of little hands, and something cute to boot. And this is what I came up with. While at The Wood Connection, I picked one of their basic wood pieces that had a nice rounded edge to it. They also had some chevron vinyl that fit it perfectly.

Later, I stumbled upon a cute little cork board in Target’s dollar section. And then found a blank square frame from my Michael’s stash.

It was destiny, folks. And so easy to do.

I used two spray paint colors because there was no way I was painting it by hand. No way. Spray paint is so simple. First, I sprayed the board with the green. Then, I added the chevron vinyl. That made my day! I started out trying to use painter’s tape and line things up, but that ended in epic failure. This was round two. Once the vinyl was on securely, I used the white spray paint and then eagerly waited for the paint to dry.

I waited three months. Three months! This project was painted last year. It’s been staring at me ever since, haunting me with its plainness.

I finally went back to it and added the extra touches. Because I knew I’d want to change pictures and I may want to change the cork board, I chose to use Command Strips to hold down the fort. They have some great poster strips that worked perfectly and were in Target’s dollar section too. Score!

After painting the frame with chalkboard paint, so I could change the messages, I added my picture, and then adhered with the command strips. I also adhered the cute little cork board with command strips. Now, they come off easily and nothing will be permanent!

ChalkboardKey Holder 3

The final touch were the hooks. This was a process. I wanted something cute and fun, so I went looking for drawer knobs. They come in so many varieties and styles! Unfortunately, it was hard to find knobs that the keys would fit on, and the screw itself was too long. I even asked the folks at Lowe’s if we could find something shorter (I found some star knobs that would have worked but were too long). After looking around for a bit, I found some little “robe hangers” and I knew my quest was over.

Chalboard Key Holder2

And here’s where it got fun. I got to use my hubby’s drill! Man, did I feel powerful. I need to whip it out more often! Once the hangers were attached, it was ready for placement. And here it is! Once again, I pulled out my trusty Command Strips to hand it up. It is hanging proudly next to our back door, where we can easily keep our keys in sight.

Sigh. We’ll see how long it takes for my littles to figure out how to push the chair up to it and grab our keys. But that’s a solution for another day. Maybe glue the chairs down? Or how about the kids?

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  1. says

    Thankfully we have never had an issue with keys. I’m sure now that I’ve said that we will ;) I’d like a fun place to hang our keys. This project is so cute. I’m adding you to my bloglovin feed!

  2. says

    This looks so cute and easy enough for the craft challenge to make. Although it would look pretty in our home it would NOT solve our key problem. We have a special place for keys and two back-ups but we always end up for a mad search and we find them we wonder how in the world…

    Stopping by from the SITS Challenge

  3. says

    We hang our keys way way up high because we have a toddler who is fond of locking things up including herself! She has once locked herself on the room and she has the keys with her! Good thing my husband has the spare in his pockets. Whew! But this looks like a nice project!
    Dropping by from SITS, have a wonderful day!

  4. says

    My husband loses his keys all the time also so I bought one of those boards (I’m not very good at DIY). He would forget to leave the keys on the board even though it was right next to the door.

  5. says

    Cute idea! Thankfully, we don’t have issues with losing our keys. But hubs is forever putting his phone and wallet down in random places ie: the baby’s room or the laundry room. I don’t know how many times he’s running late for work and running through the house calling his phone from the landline. Silly man! :)

  6. says

    My husband is ALWAYS misplacing his keys. Drives me crazy! We’re repainting this week. When we’re done I’d love to make this key holder and hang it at the front door. Thanks! Pinning it now.


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