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We’ve had a very busy month and it seems like things may have calmed down a little bit. Phew! The culmination of our summer activities was my youngest sister’s LDS (Mormon) Missionary farewell yesterday. We had family and friends coming to my parents house after the service. I thought it would be fun to have a little favor for them to take with them.

I had a lot of ideas, and some I’ll be adding later on, but I settled on Missionary M&M’s. I made two different prints-one for a full size bag of M&M’s and another for smaller baggies. At first, I was going to use the full size bags. I found them at Costco for a decent price but actually meant to buy the fun size! Oops. I found some 3×4″ baggies at Michaels and decided to split the bags in half to get more out of them. We expected a lot of people! I’m going to save the rest of the M&M’s for my Young Women. I made the tags exactly 3×4″ too and stapled them to the baggies. Super easy and I got it done while watching a movie (all 80 of them!). I used blue and yellow because it matches the colors of Uruguay’s flag. Here’s a view of the baggies (sorry about the bad pics, I had to use my camera phone because I forgot my camera!):

I also made the full size prints. I stapled them on either side too but you could easily use glue dots if you wanted too. Stapling was just easier!

These printables are free! They won’t be personalized but you can easily do that with a cute swirlly font.

Full Size Download Here
I love doing missionary farewell invitations! I have several designs in the shop and I do custom orders all the time. Here are some of my designs:

 photo Signature_zps549b73e3.png

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